Retirees recognized at distinguished teachers awards |

Retirees recognized at distinguished teachers awards

Among those honored at the Distinguished Teachers Awards were the Douglas County School District Retirees of the year.

“We would like to acknowledge and express our sincere gratitude to the employees who have, or will be, retiring from the Douglas County School District this year,” said officials of the school district. “We would like to say ‘thank you’ for the many hours and commitments each of them have given to the education of our students. They will be missed!”

Retiring from Douglas High School are:

Michele Baumann

K.C. Brennan

Catherine Conner

Corby Hughes

Kelly Maestretti

Tom Morgan

Paula Ortiz

Paul Pedroza

Kristen Robison

Trina Ward

Retiring from Pinion Hills Elementary School:

Denise Bickmore

Dot Watts

Susan Williamson

Retiring from Gardnerville Elementary School:

Joyce Castleberry

Dee Gosselin

Kathleen Stastny

Meredith Swanson-Jessup

Retiring from Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School:

Sherrie Clore

Sharon DesJardins

Daria Essary

Gail Murray

David Whittemore

Retiring from Minden Elementary School:

Elizabeth Gray

Scott Sanders

Retiring from Carson Valley Middle School:

Norma Hendricks

Buffie Stockton

Karen Tuggle

Retiring from C.C. Meneley Elementary School:

Gerdy Hayes

Lisa Noonan

Retiring from Jack’s Valley Elementary School:

Raelene Miller

Arbara Valdez

Michele Curtis is retiring from the District Office.

Patricia Larson is retiring from Transportation.

Gina Solari is retiring from Jacobsen High School.

Theresa Eymann is retiring from Zephyr Cove Elementary School.