Residents beat the heat at the swim center |

Residents beat the heat at the swim center

by Caryn Haller

Shannon Litz

By 10 a.m. Friday, the parking lot at the Carson Valley Swim Center was full, and the overflow lot was filling up fast with people all trying to beat the heat.

According to the National Weather Service, at a high temperature of 97 degrees, Minden didn’t crack the record high temperature of 101 degrees for June 30 record set in 1932.

Swim center director Linda Rigdon said attendance for June has increased by 1,853 over last year.

“I’m expecting every day for the amount of customers to increase,” cashier Susan Govan said. “They come out from underneath the rocks.”

Charlotte Muskopf of Minden, her daughter, Jenny, and granddaughter, Beatrice, camped out in the shade of a tree waiting for their turn in the outdoor pool.

“We usually beat the heat by staying in Oakland. It’s always cooler there,” Jenny joked. “Beatrice loves the swim center. We came in April, and we’ve been dying to come back.”

Only visiting the swim center when family is in town, Charlotte said she keeps cool by going to the movies.

“I usually go the theater, and take a sweater,” she added. “You can also go to Walmart or a restaurant. All those places keep it at sub-zero.”

Kayann Jongsma brought her two daughters to the swim center to cool off and get out of the house.

“This is a great place,” Jongsma said. “When it gets real hot we leave home because we don’t have an air conditioner.”

The Stephanie Way resident grew up in Las Vegas, and is used to the heat.

“It didn’t bother me as much as it does now,” she said of the heat. “We’d get up really early in the morning to play outside, and when it got super hot in the day, we’d go indoors.”

Kayla Maguire brought her younger brother, Timmy, and his friend from Dayton to cool off in the pool.

“I’m 7 months pregnant and I get really hot. It’s worth the drive from Dayton,” she said. “There’s no place in Dayton to cool off except the river and there’s no easy way to get to it.”

Timmy, 10, wasn’t bothered by the rapidly increasing temperature.

“Right now it’s not too bad. I think we’ll come back to the pool Sunday,” he said Friday morning. “When it’s really hot I usually hang out under the tree in my yard and pour water on myself.”

Minden resident Rachel Ovard grew up in Carson Valley going to the old pool where Mountainview Professional Center is now.

Her son was getting a swim lesson from his uncle.

“We come here a lot because we live so close,” she said. “I grew up in the water and want him to be the same.”

Ovard, 30, remembered when the new facility was built in 1989.

“This was by far better,” she said. “We liked being indoor, and we loved that they had the warm pool.”

As a state employee, Misty Jardine of Gardnerville took advantage of having the day off to bring her 7-year-old son, William, to the swim center.

“I’m on furlough today and it’s hot so I thought what a better way to spend a hot day,” she said. “We go up to Markleeville a lot and go camping and play in the river when it’s hot. It’s nice and cool up there with the trees. This time of year, Lake Tahoe is too busy.”

The National Weather Service is predicting 103-104-degree high temperatures through Tuesday with a slight chance of thunderstorms.