Republicans host county convention |

Republicans host county convention

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Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, R-Gardnerville, and Convention Secretary Walter Nowosad discuss the convention's agenda.
Tabitha Keating | Special to The R-C

Douglas County Republicans voted Saturday to support selecting presidential candidates through caucus.

A plank in the county supporting a change back to presidential primary was reversed.

“Delegates participated in extensive debate on recent caucus problems, solutions and the advantages and disadvantages of both systems,” according to Caucus Committee Chairman Dick Schwabe. “All agreed some adjustments from lessons learned needed to be implemented but the final vote was clearly in favor of keeping the caucus.”

Sen. James Settelmeyer served as convention chairman. He exercised his significant legislative experience to keep the convention business moving, according to county party spokesman Shawn Meehan.

Welcome remarks from Central Committee Chairman Tony Tuoto were delivered by his wife, former Committee Secretary Elizabeth.

Americans are being “indoctrinated to believe that political correctness, pacifism, and socialism are the path to utopia,” she said to applause from the delegates.

Delegates broke new ground authorizing a policy in the Central Committee Bylaws, which are reviewed and updated every two years. For the first time in recent memory, the Douglas County Republican Central Committee now has authority to vet and endorse candidates prior to the primary election.

“Debate on the controversial policy seemed to spring from the record tax increase betrayal of the 2015 Nevada Legislature spearheaded by those wearing the Republican label violating a basic party policy,” said Meehan. “Delegates expressed outrage that the will of grassroots Republicans, expressed through precinct meetings and extensive policy debates at county and state conventions, was blatantly ignored. The approved bylaw requires a formal procedure be developed and approved by a 2/3 super majority to go into effect. Any endorsement would also have to earn a 2/3 super majority to ensure integrity of the process.”

Meehan said pre-primary endorsing implements a key responsibility of the central committee to recruit and promote candidates. Endorsing also allows the Republican Party to protect its brand, he said.

“At the end of the convention, delegates were reminded that the work accomplished in defining what the values of the Republican Party are, is only useful if we step up our efforts to be engaged with the community, and together, We The People, all engage with our elected leaders,” he said.

Delegates elected at the convention will represent Douglas County at the Nevada Republican Convention, May 14-15 in Reno. Guests are welcome and all may find more information at as the event date gets closer.