Remember When for May 22 |

Remember When for May 22

120 years ago

May 26, 1893

Mrs. S. A. Pettegrew and her mother Mrs. Hargrove, met with a serious accident Monday. They were riding in the back seat of a spring wagon, on their way to the Berning home, when the horses gave a sudden jump throwing the seat and ladies to the ground. Mrs. Pettegrew was picked up unconscious, and Mrs. Hargrove, who is 87 years old, was severely bruised and cut.

95 years ago

May 24, 1918

H. Schnauble, who was arrested several weeks ago following a fight with a Frenchman, for having firearms in his possession, he being an enemy alien, and who has been confined in the county jail since his arrest, was removed to an internment camp Saturday by the United States Marshal.

80 years ago

May 26, 1933

The three act comedy “Dirty Hands” presented by the senior class of the Douglas high school Friday and Saturday nights was well attended and the entire program heartily enjoyed by all present.

50 years ago

May 23, 1963

The Douglas County School District will be some $24,000 richer during the 1963-64 fiscal year if the proposed one-cent sales tax increase measure is approved by Nevadans on June 11, Superintendent Gene L. Scarselli said last week at the May meeting of the County School Board.

25 years ago

May 26, 1988

Douglas County officials, saved from the prospect of losing more than $1 million from their annual budget, instead gladly will pay the estimated $5,000 tab for a special election in which Lake Tahoe voters said “no” to the county’s first city.

10 years ago

May 24, 2003

A new budget and new principals headlined Wednesday’s school board meeting at the Douglas High School media center. The board gave its approval of the appointing of new principals in the district.

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