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Remember When?

140 Years Ago

Dec. 13, 1878

Carson Valley News

The new bridge over the Carson in Boyd’s Lane, just completed, will ever stand as a monument to the saving grace of the present expiring board of county commissioners.

120 Years Ago

Dec. 16, 1898

Genoa Weekly Courier

Fred Fricke purchased a small piece of land back of his blacksmith shop at Gardnerville last week from H. Jayne. Consideration, $75.

100 Years Ago

Dec. 13, 1918

Next Monday when the Nevada prohibition law goes into effect, the Farmer’s Bank of Carson Valley will celebrate by moving into its spacious new quarters at Minden.

80 Years Ago

Dec. 16, 1938

Precipitation records in this area of the past 30 years will fall by the wayside. During 1938, a total of 12.72 inches of precipitation has fallen for a new all-time high record.

60 Years Ago

Dec. 11, 1958

A favorable reaction was generally received from landowners in the Carson Valley to increase the size of the Watashemu Dam and reservoir on the East Carson River at a well-attended meeting in the Minden Courthouse last Thursday.

40 Years Ago

Dec. 14, 1978

Top Douglas County Public Works officials Bob Gardner and Dan Jenkins resigned following reorganization of the county’s largest department.

20 Years Ago

Dec. 12, 1998

The state shut down the Treehouse plant nursery and gift shop for alleged nonpayment of taxes, padlocking its gates and plastering bright orange stickers on its front door.

A look back at past editions of The Record-Courier by Kurt Hildebrand.