Remember When for Jan. 10, 2018 |

Remember When for Jan. 10, 2018

120 Years ago

Jan. 14, 1898

The telephone will be extended to the Walley Hot Springs.

100 Years ago

Jan. 11, 1918

Springs on the west side of the Valley are flowing heavier than has been known in years. In many places above the Foot-Hill road, the extreme dampness is oozing through sandy soil that has always been dry as a bone.

80 Years ago

Jan. 14, 1938

A little journey up Walker River Canyon this week revealed the extent of the damage done by the recent flood to the highway. Miles and miles shoulders of that highway were washed out or badly damaged while the roadbed, in several places, was entirely washed away.

50 Years ago

Jan. 11, 1968

In this first case of actual uncovering of “grass” in Carson Valley, District Attorney John Chrislaw said a chemist’s report had confirmed that it was marijuana, which had apparently been brought to the area by a youth believed to be a student at the University of Nevada and was being distributed to students at the high school.

20 Years Ago.

Jan. 10, 1998

In a tug of war between emotions and cash, Douglas leaders decided Thursday to buy Bently Nevada’s headquarters for $6.7 million and turn it into a county government complex.

10 Years Ago

Jan. 11, 2008

Karen Bodden’s explanation of her husband’s disappearance began to unravel even before the 50-year-old airplane mechanic’s body was discovered dumped in the desert off Johnson Lane, according to lead investigator in the murder case.

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