Red ribbons bring neighbors together |

Red ribbons bring neighbors together

Joyce Hollister, Staff Writer

Bette Core’s marked down bows have made her new friends.

A few years ago, Core’s husband Cecil was getting too old to climb on the roof to hang Christmas lights at their home on Vicky Lane, so she began to place red bows along her fence to decorate their place.

“It looked so nice, the daytime display,” she said. She thought the whole street would look even nicer with bows to greet visitors.

After finding a bunch of bows on sale, she bought a boxful to distribute to her neighbors as a way of making new friends. On her side of the street are mostly older homes, but across the street are many newer houses, and she wasn’t sure if her new neighbors would even be interested.

“I offered them some ribbons and explained,” she said, “and they all joined in. We all got a kick out of it.”

Her neighbors have purchased more bows on the own to add to the display.

Cecile has passed away, but Core keeps putting up bows each Christmas, and so do her neighbors.

“I thought I’d get something started between neighbors, old and new,” she said.