Some Ranchos residents receive shut-off, boil-water notice |

Some Ranchos residents receive shut-off, boil-water notice

A notice was issued warning Ranchos residents their water will be shut off starting 8 a.m. Monday.
Ranchos notice

Some Gardnerville Ranchos residents have received a written notice that their water will be shut off to work on the main starting 8 a.m. Monday.

Reportedly, only about 28 homes will be affected by the order.

The Ranchos general improvement district serves around 11,000 people in 4,400 households and is the largest water system in Douglas County. It also serves Dresslerville. The order likely will affect only those residents who received the written notice.

Because of the loss of pressure, a boil-water order is in effect for the following 72 hours. According to the notice, bacterial testing will start when the line is placed back in service.

Because it takes roughly 24 hours to culture a sample, and the state requires two clean samples to certify the water, the boil water order should be in effect until Wednesday, barring a positive test.

The district and Carson City firm Sierra Earth Worx  are conducting the work.

Gardnerville and Minden residents are served by water systems in those communities and are not affected by the order. Also not affected are Indian Hills and south county residents, or those who are connected to the Douglas County water systems in the Johnson Lane, Genoa and foothill communities.

Anyone wondering if they are affected should check their water bill. The Record-Courier will check with the Ranchos district to determine how widespread the water outage and boil water order is.