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R-C Featured Organization of the Month: Carson Valley Women’s Club

by Nancy Hamlett

When the Carson Valley Women’s Golf Club was formed by Jan Wallace in 1968 it had just 8 members. The Carson Valley Golf Course had only 9 holes, and Sundays were spent wielding rakes and shovels as they wheelbarrowed rocks off the course.

“Rake and dump, rake and dump. We looked forward to a potluck on the patio after we were done for the day,” said Worth Borda, one of the original eight, and this year’s tournament chairman for the club.

The club has grown with this year’s membership already at 51. Thirty-six, including 5 new members, showed up for opening day on April 14.

“The nice thing about it is most of our members are active,” said Helen Stewart, president of the club. “With our main objective being to promote and encourage golf, that is a great sign.”

Joining Stewart, as officers of the club are vice-president Jerry Bing, secretary Dorothy Fordham, treasurer Sue Siebler, handicap co-chairs Barbara Lee and Jody Hix, and Borda.

In addition Borda and Fran Hetherton head up the rules committee and club hostess is Fran Hetherton.

“The club hostess is new position this year,” said Stewart. “We needed someone to greet new members and introduce them to other members and to help orient them. We want them to feel welcome.”

Very little can stop these dedicated women from enjoying their sport. They play in the rain. They play in the wind. They play in the heat. But they don’t play in the snow or when it is lightening.

“We do have some common sense,” said Borda.

The club has a membership fee of $50 per year and Borda said that $35 of that is used for trophies and awards. In addition to the President’s Cup and Club Champion trophy, there are monthly trophies awarded to red tee players, yellow tee players, and even 9-hole players.

According to Stewart this is to ensure that everyone has a chance to be a winner, and not always the same people win the prizes.

Borda agreed. “You must have fun. It’s not dog eat dog. I try to give as many prizes as I can.”

The women play every Wednesday at the Carson Valley Golf Course from April through October with a membership meeting on the last Wednesday of the month. The first Wednesday of every month is assigned as trophy and travel team qualification day. Eight players vie for positions on the travel team, which plays at golf courses all over northern Nevada. Denise Stevens is chair of the travel team.

“The travel team gives you an opportunity to meet other women golfers from different areas,” said Stewart. “And it’s a lot of fun to try your skill at different golf courses.”

The club also sponsors a Hole in One Club. A member must sign up for the club. If they get a hole in one during tournament play, each of the other Hole in One-Club members pays her $10. The club had a hole in one on opening day, but unfortunately the club hadn’t started the program yet.

“On the first hole of the first day Lou Heckl got a hole in one,” said Stewart. “How do you top that?”

Stewart and Borda agreed that the course is in top-notch condition this year, and they both hope that women will continue to join as the season progresses.

“We welcome golfers at all levels of play and especially beginners, although we recommend that beginners take lessons so that they don’t get bad habits,” said Stewart.

“Golf is something you can play all of your life,” said Borda. “We have a ton of fun. We have even more fun than the men do. And we tell better jokes.”

Applications for the Carson Valley Women’s Golf Club can be picked up at the Carson