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Quality meets authenticity at Philadelphia Seafood & Italian

Photos courtesy of Philadelphia Seafood & Italian
Homemade lasagna with bechamel, pork and beef.
Photos courtesy of Philadelphia Seafood & Italian


The menu doesn’t stop at killer cheesesteaks — people are raving about the Italian and seafood dishes, too

By Lauren Glendenning
Brought to you by Philadelphia’s Seafood & Italian

When Allen Peake and Chef Joel Gruneich took over Philadelphia’s cheesesteak restaurant, they had a vision to elevate the experience without changing the things people loved about the place.
That’s why you’ll still find the most authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches around on the menu, but now they’re made with hand-sliced, grass-fed Bently Ranch beef. (Don’t worry, in true Philly fashion, he didn’t remove the option to top off the sandwich with classic cheese whiz, provolone or white American cheese.)

“I love the cheesesteaks,” Peake said. “But our idea was to elevate the cuisine by adding more Italian dishes and providing the community with an option for fresh seafood. I’m happy that we were able to keep something going that the town had lost.”

Customers are calling Philadelphia Seafood & Italian a “hidden gem” in Gardnerville. About a year after reopening and renovating the space, Peake is proud of how far the restaurant has come in terms of atmosphere, food and reputation. Peake also loves that the restaurant gives him another platform to support youth community events and other causes. As the father of young kids who coaches youth sports all year, he’s motivated to help kids in the community.

“Businesses that support youth community events make it all possible,” he said. “We have to reinvest in the future.”

A new approach
Chef Joel Gruneich brought his culinary experience from the Bay Area, where seafood was something he worked with a lot.

“I wanted to do fresh clams, mussels, oysters — just bring in some fresh seafood down here,” he said. “We expanded the vegetarian menu a bit, too.”

With a personal love for Italian food, especially because it often centers around big portions and family-oriented dining, Gruneich worked to create a menu that could cover all the bases for a Philadelphia-inspired restaurant.

“We serve good-sized entrees — you definitely won’t leave hungry, and you’ll probably have some for later,” he said.

Peake and Gruneich have created a dining space that’s truly local, friendly and inviting. From couples who want to sit down and have a glass of wine and great seafood, to those just looking to dig in to a messy, delicious sandwich, Philadelphia Seafood & Italian welcomes everyone.

Specials include daily soups such as a decadent shrimp bisque or cheesy French onion, and seafood dishes that rotate based on what’s fresh. Seafood linguine features fresh mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp, calamari and octopus — or whatever combination the chef can source to keep it fresh. Gruneich will do this dish in a spicy red sauce or a classic garlic white wine sauce.

The menu has plenty of meat and vegetarian dishes, too, such as beef and sausage lasagna, Tuscan sausage and peppers, mushroom and broccoli alfredo, a veggie melt and garlic lover’s linguine with tons of tasty vegetables. The specials board is always changing, too.

Customer reviews rave about the authenticity, value and quality of the dishes.
“Food is tasty, copious and reasonably-priced.”
“I can tell that the owner or whoever created the food is from Philly. I loved it. And it’s not too expensive!”
“Cheesecake was a work of art, as beautiful as it was delicious. The expanded dining room is also very nice.”
“The best eggplant parmesan that I have had.”

Philadelphia Seafood & Italian
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