PWLMS to present three comedies |

PWLMS to present three comedies

Don Baumann

Pau-Wa-Lu 9th grade drama students will present three short comedies to the public tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 15, at 7 p.m.m in the school’s cafetorium. Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for students, seniors and children and will be available at the door. The entire program will run just over an hour.

The first show, “The Canterbury Tale from the Wife of Bath,” adapts for the stage a classic story about the battle between the sexes. Set in King Arthur’s time, a gallant Knight (Dustin DePaoli) finds himself under a death sentence for accidentally shooting the king’s prize deer. The Queen (Marcy McIntosh) offers to spare his life from the executioner (Shara Thiesen) if he can answer one question in 24 hours: What is it that women want the most?

He receives dubious help in his quest from ladies of the court (Jennifer Tyler, Cassie Zeyen, Debbie Hathaway) and a wizard (Amber Smith). However, the princess (Hillary Moriera) and a mysterious old lady (Katie Bashaw) offer the most reliable advice in the end.

Moliere has been called “the Shakespeare of France,” and “The Doctor in Spite of Himself” will be presented as a one-act adaptation. Sganarelle, a woodcutter (Courtney Gardner), constantly provokes his wife Martine (Charity Hobson) with fits of temper. Martine seizes an opportunity for revenge when two country bumpkins (Tommy Cervantez, Jerry Stevens) come looking for a doctor. The wife says Sganarelle is their man, but he must be beaten to admit he’s a physician!

The men fetch Sganarelle to their master, Geronte (Chris Montgomery). His daughter, Lucinde (Crystal mendonca), has lost her voice, which conveniently delays her arranged marriage to a man she hates. Her real love (Will Leoppard) meets up with Sganarelle, who helps arrange a happy ending.

The third piece, “The Kissing Bandit,” turns a grocery store robbery situation on its ear. The clerk (Will Leoppard) is held up by the bandit (Laurel Rasmussen); however, once she kisses him, the clerk doesn’t want the crook to leave! The situation becomes more ridiculous as various people enter the store: a customer (Angie Guastella), the store owner (Jenn Tyler), and the police (Nick Dereng, Angie Guastella).

Other cast and technical crew members from the class include Noel Cruz, Mike Cruz, Seth Lee, Nellie Madera, Mike Moore, Nolan Snooks, Jennifer Swanson and Nicole Swanson. Many students hold both backstage and speaking roles.

Ticket revenues help offset royalty and production costs. All of the plays are produced by special arrangement with I.E. Clark, publishers, Schulenburg, Texas.