PWLMS students hold poetry reading at Nelson’s |

PWLMS students hold poetry reading at Nelson’s

Staff reports

As the culminating event of a poetry unit, the students in Melissa Nikolai’s 8th grade English class at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School held a poetry reading at Nelson’s Java and Jazz in Gardnerville.

“The kids have worked hard on poetry for about a month, using various poetic forms as ways to explore and develop good writing,” she said. “This is their chance to express themselves and show their talents to a larger audience than just the teacher. Our poetry reading is a fun way to honor their efforts as well as give them a voice for their writing.”

The event was held May 12.

“Poetry is neat,” said Jessica Weissner. “I learned a lot of different ways to write and make my brain think on all sorts of points of views and angles.”

Emily Stratton agreed with Jessica, saying, “I think that this poetry unit has helped each individual in some way. I know that it has helped me with my writing and with expressing my feelings.”

About 50 students read their poetry at Nelson’s. The reading was voluntary on the part of the students, Nikolai said.

“Nelson’s was kind enough to open for us on a Wednesday, when they’re normally closed. This is the perfect atmosphere for a poetry reading, with its classy decor, spirited atmosphere and delicious desserts and drinks,” she said.

The reading, said Valerie Cummings, helps kids learn to speak in front of each other and helps them feel good about their writing because they get to share.

Jayne Pritchard said the poetry unit is the best unit the class has done so far. “Ms. Nikolai kept telling us about word choice and word placement being important. So we’ve worked on our forms quite a lot.”

Brian Maxey added that the poetry reading was good because it allowed guys to express themselves. “Lots of male poets are really cool,” Brian said, “like Edgar Allan Poe.”