PWLMS drama will offer children’s theatre to elementary schools and public |

PWLMS drama will offer children’s theatre to elementary schools and public

Staff Reports

The Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School eighth grade drama class will perform children’s theater plays for two elementary schools and the public.

“Jack Fear-No-Man” and “The Stone in the Road” will be performed in the PWLMS Cafetorium tonight at 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend. Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for students, seniors and children, and they are available at the door.

“Jack Fear-No-Man” is based on an Appalachian folk tale. A shrewd boy named Jack (Steve Allensworth) is offered a reward by the King of Virginia (Cody McChesney) if he can rid his kingdom of three pesky giants (Drew Chase, Alex Miller and Ashley Trumpower).

Jack outwits the giants in three encounters, which feature lots of laughs and physical comedy.

The second play, “The Stone in the Road,” finds a queen (Courtney Conroy) who is distressed because no one wants to do anything without being told. To test her subjects’ loyalty, she and her Lady Catherine (Ashley Gray) roll a stone in the middle of the road to the palace.

All the subjects pass by on their way to a festival, and each avoids the task of removing the stone in an amusing way. Finally, the Queen finds the attitude of service she is seeking in two children (Ashley Raichle and James Ricard).

Other cast members include Sara Anscott, Sonya Gahn, Jason Greunke, Kevin Hackler, David Hoskin, Leeja james, Kellei Kizer, Krystle McKerrihan, Tracy Shephard, Tynan Tillack and Abrahm Viles.

Students do all their own backstage work. The technical theater team for this production includes Matt Rempt, James Ricard, DJ Kiltz, David Hoskin and Ciarra Proulx.

The plays are produced by special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Co. and I.E. Clark, Publishers.