PWLMS 8th grade drama students set comedies |

PWLMS 8th grade drama students set comedies

Staff reports

Coming next week at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School, princesses are spotlighted in two one-act comedies for children of all ages.

According to drama teacher Don Baumann, “The Princess Plays” by Sylvia Ashby will be performed for the public at the school cafetorium Dec. 15, 7 p.m., by the 8th grade drama class.

Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for students and children. The entire show is about one hour.

“The Princess and the Princess” examines the difference between position and character in gaining the respect of others.

Twinkleberry, a very haughty princess (Angelica Adrian) encounters a poor by honest princess, Popplepea (Jessica Greer) on a narrow mountain road. The law of the land says commoners must yield the right of way to royalty; however, both ladies are princesses.

Irate, Twinkleberry summons a host of people to force Popplepea to move: her royal guard (Becca Baumruck, Lucaya Luckey, Kristylynn Abel), General Googe (Lucas Alvarez) and his soldiers (Andrew Enget, Jeff Sykes, Gabe Vasquez, Tony Smith, Jeff Sykes, Ronnie Nigra). The Queen (Amie Miller) arrives, along with her ladies-in-waiting (Meredith Fischer, Nicole Silveira, Jessica Ebel-Wheat, Miranda Carr, Jessica Sweet) and tries to mediate the dispute.

Finally the Royal Wise Person (Amy Wetherbee) is called in, but she doesn’t fare well, either. Popplepea solves the problem herself and proves her royal character to all.

The story is told by an eccentric narrator (Jennifer Volosin) with the help of a stressed stage hand (Andy Madsen).

The second play spoofs all the classic fairy tales about princesses by putting all the royal ladies under the same roof. In “Twice Upon a Time,” three hapless witches (Becca Baumruck, Miranda Carr, Jessica Sweet) have lost their spell book. They mistakenly summon a gaggle of princesses to their cave: Cinderella (Nicole Silveira), Sleeping Beauty (Jessica Ebel-Wheat), Snow White (Meredith Fischer) and her dwarves (Gabe Vasquez, Tony Smith, Andrew Enget, Lucas Alvarez, Amie Miller, Natalie Romanowitz, Ronnie Nigra), Beauty (Jessica Greer) and the Princess and the Pea (Lucaya Luckey) and her retinue (Andy Madsen, Kristylynn Abel, Angelica Adrian).

Each princess claims first dibs on the prince, if he ever shows up. Imagine the confusion that occurs when a frog who used to be a prince (Jeff Sykes) hops in! After much comedy, the witches get everyone sent back to where they belong.

Students perform all backstage management tasks for the shows. Stage managers are Natalie Romanowitz and Stacey Andelin. Lighting crew includes Ryan Stoffer, Jennifer Volosin and Natalie Romanowitz. Stacey Andelin and Carissa Breaux serve as costume directors. Tara Robinson and Sheena James manage stage makeup, while Amy Wetherbee oversees set properties.