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Putting the letters together

Carson Valley Middle School student Ruby Jacobsen spells the word "prodigious" to win the seventh grade spelling bee Tuesday.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

The top sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade spellers in Douglas County put their skills to the test Tuesday afternoon during the annual district-wide Spelling Bee at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School.

It took several rounds of competitive and attentive spelling of words such as “triangulation” and “fatuous” for one student from each grade to be crowned the district’s winners.

Lilly Dingman of Zephyr Cove Elementary School was the sixth-grade champion for correctly spelling “hypothesis.”

Dingman said standing in front of the crowd was not the part that made her nervous, nor were the words all that challenging to her. However, the competitive back and forth between her and Carson Valley Middle School student Colton Chamness was.

“I messed up against him and I thought I was done,” she said, “But then he messed up and I was back in and it was back and forth like that for awhile. It was really nerve-racking.”

It took five rounds before Dingman was announced the champion.

Ruby Jacobsen, a seventh-grader at Carson Valley Middle School, also won after the fifth round with the word “prodigious.”

“I’ve always been a good speller with practice,” she said. “I tried to practice at least once a night.”

Jacobsen said she is very competitive and always does her best.

George Whittell High School student Grace Wolski won the eighth-grade championship title in the seventh round with the word “lento.”

“It was difficult,” she said. “There was a lot of back and forth, but spelling has always come easy for me.”

Susan Bullard, Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School librarian, hosted the competition.

She said Pau-Wa-Lu and Carson Valley Middle School take turns hosting the district spelling bee.

“It’s always a lot of fun,” said Bullard. “There were a lot of great spellers here and they all did a great job. Congratulations to all who participated.”

The winners advance to the Nevada State Spelling Bee on March 18 in Las Vegas.