Project School Days raises funds for educational needs |

Project School Days raises funds for educational needs

by Rosemarie Middendorf

Project School Days is gearing up for the annual assistance program to youngsters in the Douglas County School District. Donations of money and materials are requested of the community to assist Project School Days in providing basic school equipment for at home assignments to youngsters who do not have these items available to them.

The school district provides supplies needed by the students while at school, but there is no vehicle to help children with personal, home assignment supplies. Project School Days handles this problem with the assistance of the teachers who confidentially distribute these materials. This program was instituted in 1998 when all three middle schools and seven elementary schools in Douglas County School District were contacted. Fifteen percent of the teachers contacted (43) assisted 3 percent of the student enrollment (153 children) with supplies.

If you are a member of a group or organization, a business owner or an individual looking for a way to help youngsters in the Douglas County School District, assisting Project School Days is an excellent method to reach your goal.

Marilyn Malkmus and Alis Nalder instigated this on-going program with the approval of Dr. Pendery Clark, superintendent of schools, to make sure that every Douglas County child has all the school supplies he or she needs to get a great education. They, as well as the recipient children and their families, deeply appreciate your assistance.

For information regarding this program, contact Alis Nalder at 782-8131 or Marilyn Malkmus at 782-4931. Donations may be mailed to Project School Days, P.O. Box 5438, Gardnerville 89410.