Pro athlete to speak in Minden on Thursday |

Pro athlete to speak in Minden on Thursday

Listening to a Ted Talk and journaling started out as a simple class assignment in the Jobs for America’s Graduates program at Douglas High School, but soon turned into a mass marketing project for the students to get professional paraplegic athlete Jeremy McGhee to Douglas County.

“Jeremy McGhee has become an important part of the Jobs for America’s Graduates program here at Douglas High School,” said JAG Specialist and teacher Richard McGuire. “What started as a simple assignment where the students listened to his Ted Talk and journal wrote, has become so much more.”

After watching a documentary video of McGhee, McGuire said the students became inspired by his story and they wanted to meet him.

“One thing led to another and the Leadership Development committee within the program started to work on seeing if that could become a reality.”

Through hard work and creative project management, the students pulled it off and the athlete will speak 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday at the CVIC Hall in Minden.

“We now have him coming to speak not only with us, but our school and local community as well,” said McGuire.

McGhee is a native of San Diego, where he grew up surfing. He was a lifeguard in the summer and a professional snowboarder in the winters.

In 2001 he became paralyzed after a motorcycle accident, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing what he loves.

In 2012 he became the first paraplegic to ascend and descend a major back-country ski route in the Eastern Sierra.

In the presentation Thursday, McGhee will recount the pitfalls and triumphs of this grand expedition. He will share how he was able to overcome the obstacles in his own mind and how this can relate to every day lives.

McGuire said the JAG program uses McGhee’s motto “Do what you love” and his story often.

“We also use his story daily as we tackle our own barriers that stand in the way of our success,” said McGuire.

McGuire and the students in the JAG program encourage the community to attend McGhee’s presentation and hope it’ll encourage them to do what they love and to live an adventure of their own.