Presidential hopeful set to visit Minden on Saturday |

Presidential hopeful set to visit Minden on Saturday

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Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar will be meeting with Douglas County Democrats 9 a.m. Saturday at their headquarters in Minden.

Klobuchar appears on the list of 13 Democratic candidates who will appear on ballots for the First in the West caucus on Feb. 22.

The deadline to file for the caucus was midnight New Year’s Day, according to the state party.

“As the first diverse early state and a key battleground state, Nevada plays a crucial role in the presidential nominating process, making our state a bellwether for the direction of the country,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II. “We’re beyond excited to have an incredible and diverse slate of candidates competing in our First in the West Caucus in 2020.”

Douglas County is home to more than 9,000 Democrats

The Democratic caucus will be the only opportunity Douglas County residents will have to weigh in on the presidential race until the November general election.

Nevada Republicans have opted out of the caucus process and are backing President Trump as the party’s nominee.