Presidential candidate visits Minden |

Presidential candidate visits Minden

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California author Marianne Williamson talked to Douglas County Democrats at their headquarters in Minden on Monday.

Williamson is one of more than a score of candidates seeking the Democratic nomination.

She told a packed room of Douglas County Democrats that she wanted to establish a department of childhood and youth, end hunger, repeal tax cuts for the wealthiest, pay reparations to the descendants of slaves and balance peace efforts with a strong defense.

Williamson is the second Democratic presidential candidate to visit Minden.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker spoke to Douglas Democrats in April, becoming the first presidential candidate to tour rural Nevada.

The Nevada Democratic caucus takes place Feb. 22, 2020, and will be third in the nation.

Nevada doesn’t hold presidential primaries. Republicans will have precinct meetings next year, but since President Trump is a Republican, they probably won’t have a caucus.

Both parties select delegates to their county conventions at precinct meetings. Those delegates then select state delegates.