President Trump scheduled to conduct Sunday rally in Carson City |

President Trump scheduled to conduct Sunday rally in Carson City

Nevada Appeal
President Trump shades his eyes so he an look out at the crowd at Minden-Tahoe Airport.
Ron Harpin

President Trump is making a 4 p.m. Sunday campaign stop in Carson City, the campaign posted to its website early Thursday evening.

Doors open at 1 p.m. for the stop at the Cactus Air Force, 2600 E. College Pwky at the Carson City Airport. The event is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

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Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said he is still trying to get specifics about the visit.

“ At this point, we have not spoken directly to the campaign,” said Furlong. “There a lot of approvals level that have to be accomplished first.”

He said in talks with campaign officials, there have been no real details released and he’s still waiting for some actual explanation of what is going going to happen.

He said it’s very much like the Trump rally held most of a month ago in Douglas County, the details keep changing even as the event approaches.

If the President comes to Carson City’s airport, it won’t be in Air Force 1 which is an immense Boeing 747 that would probably be able to land in Carson but would be unable to take off from there due to the short and narrow runway.

Air Force 1 would have to land at Reno Tahoe International Airport and the president driven to Carson City.

That plan didn’t work out too well when Vice President Pence came to Carson City for a campaign event, then headed north by car to Reno. The helicopter flying cover for the vice president hit power lines across the summt of Lakeview Hill, causing a major power outage in the communities in the Lakeview area as well as down line toward Virginia City and blocked U.S. 395 for hours.