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Pond tour includes Valley ponds

by Nancy Hamlett

Whenever I work out in the gardens, I get the feeling that something is lacking. Maybe it’s the balance or the color scheme, and I constantly examine the choice of the flowers, shrubs and trees for the answer. I rip out here, replant there, yet I never find the sense of serenity that I am looking for -until the boys got a swimming pool.

The sound of water cascading into the pool, the reflection of clouds on the still surface, right then I knew what was missing in my high desert oasis. A pond. I kept my thoughts to myself – my Arizona-born husband doesn’t understand my fascination with water – but for two years I’ve dreamed of a water plants and fish and maybe a soothing waterfall,

Well, dream no longer. I have found a group that loves ponds more than I do. The Northern Nevada Pond Club meets in the Douglas County/Carson City area, and these pond aficionados are willing to share their expertise.

The pond club is hosting a pond tour on Sept. 11 and 12 where pond lovers like me can tour area ponds and learn about what works and what doesn’t work. Mona Coleman, a member of the club, has two ponds on her East Valley Road property that will be on the tour.

“The club is a wonderful way to learn about ponds, whether you own one or not,” said Coleman. “We’ve learned how to clean and salt them, we’ve learned about fish care and plants. Dr. Johnson, a fish doctor, will be coming to one of the meetings in May and this pond tour will help pay for the seminar.”

Mona said that the tour begins in Reno on Sept 11 and continues to the Carson/Douglas area on Sept. 12. The price is $10 per day or $15 for both days and that 10 to 12 ponds are on each tour.

“We are nutsy about our ponds,” said Mona. “We are constantly improving them or making them better. I think a great new occupation would be pond psychology.”

If you are interested in taking the tour, tickets can be purchased at Greenhouse Garden Center or Carson City, or by calling Mona at 267-3458.