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Polls open in Douglas County


Polls are open in Nevada’s oldest settlement.


Genoa, Nev. — Voting was light in Nevada’s oldest polling place on Tuesday morning.

One poll worker said, half-jokingly, that there was a five-person rush just after the polls opened at 7 a.m. in the historic Genoa Town Hall.

Voter Teneale Chapton said she felt it was important to participate in the election process.

Genoa rancher J.B. Lekumberry said that with many partisan offices resolved in the primary, it was critical to vote.

“The primary is the most critical place to vote because that’s where you’re deciding the election in Douglas County, basically,” he said.

The races for Douglas County commissioner District 2, assessor and public administrator will be resolved in the Republican primary because the winner will appear alone on the general election ballot.

The winner of the commissioner District 4 race will face a nonpartisan candidate in the general election in November.

“When there’s only two candidates, especially with county commissioner and with local elections, we should all be able to throw in,” Lekumberry said.

Genoa resident Frank Jackson said voting in the primary is the first step in the election process.

“It’s extremely important in my opinion,” he said. “It’s important to have strong candidates in the primary so hopefully they’ll do well in the general election. If I don’t vote in the primary then I shouldn’t complain about the general.”

Genoa resident Chris Vasey said voting in the primary is one way to ensure the county has “good elected officials.”

Voting continues until 7 p.m. today.

Nearly 5,000 Douglas voters cast a ballot early in the 2018 primary election, according to figures released by the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

Friday was the busiest day for early voting, so far with 706 votes cast at the Douglas County Courthouse in Minden.

According to the clerk’s office, 4,943 people voted early, up from 3,716 who voted early in 2016.

The clerk reported receiving 1,162 absentee ballots so far. Residents may drop off absentee ballot or mail-in ballots by 7 p.m. Tuesday and still be counted.

In 2016, nearly the same number of people went to the polls on Election Day as voted early and absentee.

If that holds this year, turnout could hit more than 40 percent, up from 34 percent in 2016.

There are also about 2,100 mail-in ballots the clerk sent out that have yet to be included in the mix.

Local races include those for sheriff, assessor, public administrator and county commissioner.

Nevada has a closed primary, so only Republican candidates appear on ballots for Republicans, while Democrats appear on Democrats’ ballots.

Minor party and unaffiliated voters will see nonpartisan offices on their ballots, including the sheriff’s race and a supreme court race.

Voters may cast a ballot at any open polling place in Douglas County. For more information, visit govotedouglas.com

The Record-Courier’s press time comes before polls close on Tuesday. Results will be online Tuesday night at http://www.recordcourier.com