Play is spoof of popular "X Files" |

Play is spoof of popular "X Files"

by Don Baumann

The Pau-Wa-Lu 9th grade drama class offers a sci-fi spoof of a play on Wednesday, Jan. 12, at 7 p.m.

Entitled “The XYZ Files,” by Douglas Winters, the show is an obvious parody of TV’s “The X Files.” Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for students.

The play involves two FBI agents, Mildew (Brandon Munoz) and Scallop (Beth Coleman), who are investigating possible extraterrestrial phenomena. And the case they have is a big one: A shopping mall disappeared underground, complete with all its teen-age mall rats!

The owner of a neighborhood mall, Dawson (Robbie Kerston), and his assistant, Florence (Rhiannon Hicks), become concerned when they see unusual graffiti one morning. Their security guard (Alyssa Ingram) tails two strange creatures lurking about (Ryan Wilson, Tyler Hall). Sure enough, this mall disappears underground, too, but the FBI agents are trapped inside. Whether they escape and what caused the mall to sink is revealed in the rest of the play.

Other cast members include Quentin Booth, Holly Buettner, James Harmon, Jamie Libbon, Brian Maxey, Michelle Perkins, Shelby Rivera, Rebecca Swift, Jessica Titus, Kristen Trumpower, Jordan Wagner and Angela Young.

The stage manager is Robert Wasilchuk, and Matt Sell runs the lights. The two teamed up to design and build many of the special effects called for in the play.

“The XYZ Files” is produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Publishing Co., Englewood, Colo.