Pine View Estates deeds finally clear |

Pine View Estates deeds finally clear

All 219 Pine View Estates deeds were signed on Monday night bringing residents a reason to be thankful.

Homeowners Association President Doug Stimpson reported residents of the Pine Nut community finally had clear title to their homes after four years of struggle.

For a brief period, the association owned all the homes after an agreement with the Bureau of Indian Affairs turned the titles over to the association.

Until now no one in the community had clear title to the property. Originally sold under a 100-year lease to residents, it was determined that action was a violation of BIA protocols thanks in part to a lawsuit filed by original owner Mark Kizer.

Clearing of those deeds have been expected and are the next step in connecting the community to city sewer through a pipeline running from Ray May Way to Gardnerville.

Stimson said Tuesday that engineers are working on $5.2 million sewer pipeline that will replace the failed system.

The 240-unit subdivision sits on 62 acres in the Pine Nut Mountains south of Gardnerville and was built on Washoe Tribal allotment land in 1997.

The original allotment owner, Kizer, sued in February 2015 claiming that the agreement that established the community violated federal law.