PHES students make mousepads for parents |

PHES students make mousepads for parents

Staff reports

Students in Ed Hammond’s 1-2 MAG class at Pinon Hills Elementary School made mousepads for their parents – but it wasn’t easy.

The PHES students had what their teacher called a cheap mousepad-making computer program that didn’t work, frustrating their hopes of making the pads. But, Douglas High School had the right program.

A field trip to DHS May 25 allowed the children to complete their mouse pads with the help of Janice McCreary at DHS, parent helper Johanna Mulhall and PHES computer teacher Nancy Swart.

The students took digital pictures and imported them into Power Point. Each student was able to work on the design of their mouse pad at the DHS computer lab.

Every student made a pad to give to parents at the class’s year-end party. At the party, the parents will see a short video of the students’ field trip to Douglas High School where they made their mousepads.

The project was part of an overall year’s goal of extending students’ understanding of technology, Hammond said.

“We have done Power Point presentations this year around writing assignments, graphing and keyboarding,” he said. “It was time for some other creative fun.”

The students were thrilled to see the end products of their field trip to DHS.

“Since we attempted, using a cheap application, to make mouse pads earlier in the year that failed, my students were ecstatic to see the experiment eventuate into reality,” he said.

Hammond said other teachers at PHES were thought the project was a great idea, and Principal Nancy Bryant was very supportive.