PHES Art Attack has an ocean theme |

PHES Art Attack has an ocean theme

Staff reports

A complete ocean scene with over 500 pieces of artwork depicting sea animals hanging from the ceiling was the backdrop for the Pinon Hills Elementary School “Art Attack” event last Tuesday.

A yellow submarine (students in costume) passed through the halls, and youngsters blew bubbles to simulate the undersea environment.

Third and 4th grade volunteers enacted the “Octopus Garden,” and music, art, dance and drama pointed up the ocean theme, said art teacher K.C. Brennan, who wore her scuba gear during the evening.

“We had octopi, crabs and schools of sharks swimming and blowing bubbles,” she said. “Then we had a treasure hunt for parents and students, who tried to find the largest of the ocean life hanging from the ceiling.”

The “ocean life” were artworks done by students in the last several weeks in art class. Various age groups did the work, and each grade level learned a new technique in the process. Young younger children painted sea turtles, learning about cool colors, such as purple, blue and green.

Second and 3rd grade students painted their artwork using the color wheel, and the underside was made of tints and shades using one color each student chose. The sea turtles were 3 feet long.

Artwork was also displayed on walls in the halls.

Two famous artists, M.C. Escher and Henry Matisse, were portrayed by 10 students. They wandered through the halls, explaining what they were famous for. Several other students acted as hosts and hostesses.

Some 80 students performed or otherwise accounted for special parts of the evening, Brennan said.

“They were very cool,” Brennan said. “It’s nicer when you get kids to volunteer and show up – 80 is a big number, a pretty good amount of kids.”

Also during the evening, students and their parents could visit the PHES computer lab and use the computers and buy books at the book fair.