Pennies for Parkinson’s program gets boost from children |

Pennies for Parkinson’s program gets boost from children

Staff reports

Pennies for Parkinson’s Disease, a program started last year in the Valley by Carol Hathaway of the Good Vibrations Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, wasn’t doing too well this year when Kathy Wynan’s children lfdjal dkjfjdla jdlaj heard about it.

“The kids wanted to do this,” Mrs. Wynans said, after they heard that Hathaway’s project was faltering a bit. “Nobody else did it, and they wanted to help.”

The Wynans children had been saving their pennies all year for a good cause and last week donated a large jarful to the program.

Pennies for Parkinson’s is a national project where community members across the country are donating their spare pennies to benefit the Parkinson Alliance, National Parkinson Foundation and the PRO-Seed Grant Program.

Proceeds from the fund-raiser go to research into the disease.

Hathaway said that anyone who donates $5 or more will receive a Garfield hand-held massager. She gave one to the Wynans children for their help.

For more information, call her at 266-3402.