Pau-Wa-Lu kids offer production |

Pau-Wa-Lu kids offer production

by Don Baumann

In the style of an old traveling theater troupe, a class of drama students from Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School will take three short plays to Carson Valley elementary schools on Wednesday, Jan. 12.

“Prof. Zuccini’s Traveling Tales,” written by Sylvia Ashby, will also be performed for the public on Thursday, Jan. 13, at 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend. Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for students and are available at the door.

The class will present their show to students at Gardnerville, Minden and Jacks Valley elementary school.s

Each short play of the three is derived from an Italian folk tale. The first, “The Flower Sisters,” involves the daughters of a washerwoman, Floribunda (Jen Adolphsen), who is being harassed by the tax collector (James Whorley) for getting behind in her payment.

Her oldest, Poinsettia (Kristi Kimball and Amanda Hallstein), wants to leave home so badly that she’s willing to take a job from the devil himself. At that moment, a mysterious character named Gold Nose enters the shop and hires Poinsettia as a maid. She doesn’t return.

The same fate befalls her younger sister, Poppy (Jessica Ward and Cody Taylor). Their clever sister, Camellia (Christina Keegan and Michelle Ward), finally rescues her sisters.

In the second playlet, “The Pasta Brothers,” two brothers receive their fortune from their dying father (Jason Cotton). Vermicelli (Mark Nadler), the more impetuous of the two, is accosted by the wicked Countess Provolone (Tracey Tierney and Kelley Ogilvie) and her two maids (Jennifer Lydick and Andrea Liebl). The countess quickly swindles Vermicelli’s fortune from him.

His wiser brother, Rigatoni (Nick Riley and Anthony Ripoli), also encounters the ladies, but wins their game of wits. Other cast members of this play include Ricardo Delgadillo, Myles Hastie, Eric Pearson and Amber Mestas.

The last short play, called “The Proud Prince,” is directed by 8th grader Shayna Smith. The play depicts the plight of a clever but conceited prince (Buddy Saring). His mother the Queen (Priscilla Fritsche and Ashley Morris) has decreed her son must be married by his 21st birthday, which is tomorrow. He has no eligible brides, because he’s so rude to everyone.

The prince meets his match when he visits Floribunda’s house and encounters Camellia. Other cast members of this play include Janet Lillegard and Anthony Tribon.

Students handle all backstage work, as well. Myles Hastie serves as stage manager. Other backstage managers include Prisela Montes, Kristina Edmonds and Jessica Moseley.

“Prof. Zuccini’s Traveling Tales” is produced by special arrangement with Baker’s Plays, Boston, Mass.