Park master plan session set for Tuesday at the CVIC Hall |

Park master plan session set for Tuesday at the CVIC Hall

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A hearing on a master plan amendment moving 1,044 acres of receiving area from Topaz Ranch Estates to Carson Valley, and an accompanying development agreement will be live-streamed, according to the county.

County commissioners are scheduled to meet 9 a.m. Tuesday at the CVIC Hall in Minden.

“Due to increased interest in this item the county will prepare additional staging areas in and around the CVIC Hall and overflow capacity will be in across the Street in Minden Park,” County Spokeswoman Melissa Blosser said. “The audio from the meeting will be projected at each of these staging areas.”

Blosser said the county has made accommodations for the meeting to be livestreamed on the Douglas County website at and on the Douglas County You Tube Channel  The You Tube Channel is not live yet.

“This is our first attempt at livestreaming in a remote location with a new vendor,” Blosser said. “We are proactively testing the location site prior to the meeting but we ask for patience from the public should we experience any technical difficulties.”

Every member of the public who attends the meeting will have the opportunity to provide public comment to the Board on this and other items on the agenda, she said. Public comment may also be submitted in written form, or sent electronically to the Douglas County Manager’s Office at

“Although the Community and Senior Center is a larger location, hosting a public meeting at this facility would disrupt very important activities and services we provide to the community,” Blosser said. “The Community and Senior Center on average feeds 500 seniors and hosts a variety of recreation activities daily.  Public comment has been averaging around six hours for these items making the need to start the meetings during the earlier part of the day.”

For additional information regarding the Park Ranch Holdings Development agreement and/or the proposed changes to the Douglas County Master Plan the County created a webpage with frequently asked questions and a complete copy of the proposed changes and Development Agreement at:

To view the agenda at

For additional questions, comments, or concerns call 775-782-9821.

Public comment forms can also be found here: