Pack 409 Pinewood Derby offers excitement |

Pack 409 Pinewood Derby offers excitement

Staff reports

The Cub Scout Pack 409 held its 2001 Pinewood Derby race on Friday, Jan. 22, at Gardnerville Elementary School. Fifty Cub Scouts of various ranks from the Tigers (1st graders) to Webelos (5th graders) and their siblings and parents entered their handmade pinewood cars to be raced on the three lane track.

All entries received a special award for several judging categories (such as nicest color car, most creative, best theme, etc.) The race consisted of 195 heats of races, three cars on each track. At the end, first, second and third places were finally determined.

John-Henry Lambin of Gardnerville took first place with his black bat mobile “Holey Terror” racecar that had lots and lots of holes in it. The car needs to be exactly 5 ounces and after his car was trimmed and painted, it was over weight. John-Henry’s dad needed to get the weight down, so he started to drill holes in it…a few lead to several…then lots and lots which is why it was renamed the “Holey Terror.”

Second place went to Robert Park of Gardnerville with his black “Black Mobile” race car, and C.J. Wynar took third place with his “Road Demon” race car.

Both John-Henry and Robert are in third grade, the same Bear Cub Scout Den, with their leader and co-leader parents heading the den. John-Henry is home-schooled and Robert attends MES. C.J. is in the 5th grade at C.C. Meneley and is a Webelos.

Highlights of the evening were having the “Old Gester” and “Sibling Race.” Old Gesters included race cars from when fathers were Cub Scouts. They included Cubmaster Dean Barker’s Hawaiian Luau, Dave Williams “Weiner Mobile,” Rod Hern’s winning race car from when he was a scout.

Pack 409 was started by Joy and Shep Curtis in 1991 because they felt the need for a pack for GES and CCMES. The first Pinewood Derby race was also in 1991, and in 1992, Curt Weagle built the pack’s pinewood derby track that has been used since for all the pinewood derby races. Keith Qualls was the Clubmaster during 1991-1992. Shep Curtis was the Clubmaster from 1992-1995. Mickey Lister from 1995-1996, Mike and Barb Henningsen from 1996-1998 and the current Cubmaster is Dean Barker and Committee Chair is Connie Wennhold. Pack 409’s membership went from 24 boys to currently over 69. Pack 409 is the largest pack in the Pinenut District.

Dean Barker was master of ceremonies and his wife Kila made certificates for all derby cars entered into the race.

The top three winners of the 2001 Pinewood Derby Race received a placing medal, a wooden trophy block that supports each first, second and third place race car. John-Henry received a banner pendant “Leader of the Pack” for first place.