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What are you thankful for?

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Talking with some children and staff members at Piñon Hills Elementary School about what they were thankful for, this is what I heard. Gage Hoyle said he was thankful for the green grass. He must have meant this summer because my grass is yellow now.

Sarah Van Nest, second grade, said she was thankful for her parents, chickens, peacocks and her dog named Spunky. Makenzie Wall said she was thankful that Jesus made the world. Second-grade teacher Mrs. Pavalakis said her family, the children in her class and for her student teacher Cassie Smith who has just done a wonderful job this year.

Carol Mortinsen, who is the school nurse, said she was thankful for freedom and her family. Ryan Hamilton, Andrew Collins, Lisa Ginocchio, Julianna Morris and Abner Lowe all said they love their family. Marlies Wendler, who is in first grade, said he was thankful for his home. Sylvia Marks, who is a retired school teacher and a volunteer at Piñon Hills, said she was thankful for all the children she helps that are so eager to learn. Sebastian Ramirez, who is in second grade, said he was thankful for his horse that he finally got to have in his yard. Michael Martin, second grade, said he was thankful for his friends, family, dogs, cats, horses, chickens and he thinks that was all.

Student teacher Cassie Smith said she was thankful for Mrs. Pavalakis, her family, friends and for all of her second-graders. Sierra Ginocchio said she was thankful for food. Derek Mauricio in first grade said he was thankful for the earth. Alyssa Oxley said for her mom, dad and Hannah Montana. Loren Bales, who is in sixth grade, said she was thankful for belonging. Stephanie Trackman said she was thankful for her life because she feels fortunate. Kindergartners Cailey Tollmann, James Jenks and Olivia May Johnson, all said they were thankful for their dog.

What are you thankful for? This is the time for us to think about it and pray at our Thanksgiving table. I am thankful for having lots of family here in Northern Nevada and that my family is healthy. As the wife of a career Navy husband and the mother of a sailor, I am thankful for our freedom and all of those who serve and have served. God bless the U.S.A.

Mountain lion update

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I have received numerous calls since the article I wrote last week. Carson Valley Veterinarian Hospital saw two more dogs from the Johnson Lane area that looked like mountain lion attacks. One evening a lady reported seeing the cat running behind the fire station. Another saw it running down Vicky. I heard a Labrador was killed around Halloween on Fremont Street and a dog was carried away off Clapham recently. I guess we should also include in our Thanksgiving prayer that someone will be successful in trapping this mountain lion and putting our worries to ease. If you have more information, give me a call.

— Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.