Scammers have hit a new low with clickbait |

Scammers have hit a new low with clickbait

Kurt Hildebrand

Every other day or so, I get an email that purports to be from Jim Perry.

I'd been getting the emails for a week or so.

Each one has Jim's name, the date and time. Last week it said: "I thought you would appreciate it," and a link. On Tuesday, I received one that said "No doubt you will appreciate it."

I remember Jim, who was the award-winning editor of "The Los Angeles Firefighter," and a longtime north Valley resident.

That was before Jim died in a horrific car wreck nearly a decade ago while making his commute down south to work on his publication.

He was killed Dec. 3, 2009, on Highway 395 near the Washoe Tribal offices.

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He was dodging a vehicle that had stopped to turn.

Jim was a friend to The Record-Courier, and a regular letter writer, though not as regular as some folks.

The link in the email, which I accidentally clicked while writing this, leads to something called and has a story about Gwen Stefani sharing some guy's weight loss formula on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Except that she didn't, and the web site is allegedly a front for a scam at its worst and just spam at best.

When I was in the Navy they told us not to believe anything we hear and only half of what we read. It's not new that people will appropriate any means to sell or steal something. But using the name of a dead acquaintance to get someone to click on something that is in itself a lie, seems like a new low.

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