Library hosts Imaginary Camp Out |

Library hosts Imaginary Camp Out

by Sarah Drinkwine

Imagine it’s dark outside, the stars are sparkling and you’re sitting around the warm glow of a campfire, roasting marshmallows, singing songs and cuddling close for ghost stories.

That is what children did at Douglas County Library’s Imaginary Camp Out on Tuesday.

“We’re using our imagination today,” said Carol Nageotte, youth service director of the Douglas County Library.

The library conference room became a campsite for 23 children. The kids sat on blankets around a campfire made of logs and red and yellow tissue paper, while they clapped and sang along to songs sung by Nancy Raven.

They also listened to Duncan Deacy, a second-grade teacher at Seeliger Elementary School, read aloud ghost stories while pretending they were camping.

“I like when she took off the ribbon and her head fell off,” said 9-year-old Michael McDowell.

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Michael was referring to his favorite book of the day,” The Green Ribbon,” a story about a girl who wore a green ribbon around her neck who refused to take it off until her death at the end of the story.

Alina Munsdeane, 9, couldn’t decide which story she liked best.

“I don’t have a favorite book, because I like them all,” she said, “but I liked the haunted house song.”

After songs and stories the kids ate S’more Pop-Tarts and made dream- catcher crafts provided by the library staff.

Imaginary Campout was one of many summer reading programs the Douglas County Library puts on for kids to come and read. The library creates a theme for the summer and plans activities based around it. This summer’s theme is “Dream Big.”

According to Nageotte, the library tries to hold events as often as they can to get kids to read and at the same time make the experience fun.

“It’s hard because of budget cuts,” said Nageotte. ” We hope kids will just keep reading throughout the summer.”

The summer reading programs include stories in the park, available during the Lampe Park Farmer’s Market 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays through Aug. 29.

For more information, contact Nageotte at 782-9841.


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