Letters to the Editor for Friday, Dec. 8, 2017 | RecordCourier.com

Letters to the Editor for Friday, Dec. 8, 2017

Fireworks brighten the night sky over Gardnerville during the Christmas Kickoff held in Heritage Park on Nov. 30.

Put county on tight leash


The Topaz streets story on Nov. 24 confirms what we already know, that we have a county government living in a contemptuous bubble.

The Board of County Commissioners believes while we send big bucks to Minden we'll be left in a "you're on your own" scenario concerning our streets.

What we seem to be funding for county government is a self-serving benefits and retirement mill for county employees. It's time to pop the bubble. Obviously replacing board members does no good whatsoever.

What is needed is a series of ballot referendums to "make our county great again."

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Here are six recommendations:

To fix our streets countywide, we need to put the swim center in Minden on a partial privatization or a "pay for itself basis." The current property tax assessments reverts back to taxpayers to fix their streets countywide.

Suspension of collective bargaining for county-public employees.

All BOCC decisions concerning budget and spending will be subject to voter approval.

Redesign or competitive sourcing of government services.

A property tax constraint to prevent tax gentrification.

Statewide initiative to open PERS to every taxpayer. What is good enough for government is good enough for everyone.

Gene Robinson