Find out the cost |

Find out the cost

R-C Editorial Board

If Thursday’s discussion before county commissioners was about actually consolidating the four Valley water systems into one, that might prompt a more considered opinion on our part.

But the decision facing the county on Thursday is whether to seek information on what it would cost to consolidate the four water companies.

Staff will also be working on the rate estimates for having two water companies in the Valley.

We can understand where East and West Valley customers would be concerned by the potential costs associated with absorbing Jobs Peak and Sheridan Acres water systems.

That’s why we’re in favor of letting the staff examine the rates and determine what it would cost exactly to have a single water system.

We don’t understand the mentality that doesn’t even want to know what the price tag for uniting the water systems would be.

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When staff’s done doing its work, and we see what the rate differences are, then we can intelligently discuss consolidation of the rates.

But to say we shouldn’t even look doesn’t make any sense. There are a lot of folks in Sheridan Acres and Jobs Peak who are facing pretty outrageous costs for water. If there’s something that can help them without hurting the rest of the county’s water customers, then we should do that.

Keep in mind that county taxpayers paid to build a pipeline to fix the East Valley’s water long before any of this discussion came forward. Also keep in mind that if the county’s water users aren’t paying to keep the water on, that bill will come to county taxpayers, no matter where their water comes from.