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Against God’s law


In response to a letter submitted by Teri A Cotham, published on Feb. 19. Thank you Teri for being brave enough to take a public stand against the phenomenon known as, so called, same sex marriage and so recently applauded and approved publicly by our thoroughly socialistic and hyper-liberal U.S. President, Barack Obama.

Teri, there is no such thing as "same sex marriage." Marriage was ordained by the one true God and administered by Him when He married the first couple He created, Adam and Eve, in Eden's garden. This is trite but He didn't marry Adam and Steve or Lucy and Eve. He married one woman to one man for life.

In our world's ancient history God burned to a crisp, Sodom and Gomorrah and three other cities because of His disgust with the very evil practices. These people should not have the right to be addressed as a married couple, or receive equal benefits as truly married people do. They should not be allowed to adopt children, and lesbians should not be allowed to conceive children by any method.

This practice and the acceptance of it by the majority will lead to the destruction and the fall from within of this nation and eventually the destruction of the entire world. This evil is being done in the face of God. There are a few words to describe this practice: phony, counterfeit, fake, sham and pretender.

Teri, don't concern yourself about what the U.S. Constitution says. In the face of the wickedness going on in this country from top leadership down, it will not hold up.

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Betty J. Stano