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About my son


Just making a comment on my son, who accidently hurt his great-grandfather. We are a very close-knit family.

I give all respect to Judge Gibbons. He understood it was an accident, and believed in Bradley Endsley and our family.

This was so out of character for Bradley. He has great support all around him, and a lot of family who love him dearly.

With counseling and dedication, he's going to become a great young man.

What really bothers me is that the media judges a book by its cover, not knowing what really happened. It's been a long year waiting for my son to come home.

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I just thank God that Judge Gibbons has a heart, and instead of putting everyone in prison, he figures out what their issues and problems are, and helps people.

I just wanted to say I'm so happy the way it all worked out. No one realizes all the trauma and abuse and hurt he's been going through.

My papa is a wonderful man and knew his great-grandson didn't mean to hurt him whatsoever.

I just want the world to know my son will succeed in life and do very well. My papa is as healthy as a 50-year-old and he's 83. I just want the world to know I'm dedicating my life to my son and my papa.

Shelly Kilfian