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2012 may not be as bad as the hype

As the dry breeze sends what’s left of the dead leaves skittering across the streets, it’s not hard to accept the picture of 2012 as the year of the apocalypse.

But things have a way of turning out differently than we expect, and with all the hype about Mayan calendars, we’re hopeful that 2012 won’t prove to be the exception.

Some things are a given. We’ve survived the longest night of the winter and the days are getting longer. That there still hasn’t been precipitation of note this winter has drought watchers looking at their charts warily.

But others are not so clear. The economy did an uptick toward the end of 2011, with sales increasing and unemployment decreasing. We won’t know for sure what happened in December for a while, but as the Magic 8 ball says, “Signs point to yes.”

Net assessed valuation for Douglas County ended up being $2.557 billion for 2012-13 fiscal year. That’s down from $2.711 billion in 2011-12, but the decrease is less than it has been in the prior two years. Nothing to toast, but it shows a slow down in the precipitous drop we experienced in the prior two years.

Gaming revenues appear to have flattened out, and hopefully we’ll actually see some increases this year.

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Friedrich Nietzsche said “that which does not kill me makes me stronger.”

Those of us still standing when the smoke cleared from 2011 certainly are leaner, and hopefully better adapted to surviving whatever may come this year.

Are things going to get better in 2012? We certainly hope so. But we’re still keeping an eye on that Mayan calendar, just in case.