Open Space tax ballot resolution OK |

Open Space tax ballot resolution OK

A resolution placing a question on the November ballot to increase the sales tax by a quarter-percent to preserve open space was approved by county commissioners on Thursday.

According to the resolution, the tax would cost a resident or visitor purchasing $5,000 on taxable goods $12.50 a year.

The tax is estimated to raise $1.52 million a year.

Commissioners took issue with the word “primarily” in the resolution with Commissioner Dave Nelson suggesting it be replaced with “exclusively.”

The resolution directs the Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer to recruit committee to write the pro and con arguments on the ballot question.

County commissioners appointed the pro and con committees to write the arguments on Redevelopment Area No. 2, which was the subject of a successful petition drive.

Steve Teshara and Lew Feldman will write the argument in favor of keeping the RDA, while David Maxwell, Virginia Starrett and Jeanne Shizuru will write the arguments for repealing the area.

The redevelopment area was approved to fund an events center at Stateline. A majority of the board approved committing the funding, which will have to paid no matter what voters decide to do with the redevelopment area.

Only one person volunteered to write the opposing view on a nickel diesel tax, which resulted in Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis asking commissioners to decline appointing committees.

The county presently levies a nickel gas tax, but not the diesel tax.