Obituary: Sandy Galeppi Snively |

Obituary: Sandy Galeppi Snively

Sandy Galeppi Snively died April 14, 2012, closing a truly remarkable life. Raised on a cattle ranch near Genoa, Nevada, she valued hard work and community. Sandy graduated from Douglas High School in Gardnerville in 1960. After undergraduate studies at Stanford, she joined the Peace Corps, running a rural Brazilian hospital. Returning to the ranch, she taught one year at Carson Valley Middle School. She found she real enjoyed working with the youth. This lead her into teaching and she embraced it with a passion. Her teaching career spanned 38 years, from 1st through 9th grades, from reading and history to mathematics. At every level she expected excellence from her students, and worked tirelessly to support their achievements. She believed in peace through personal relationships, sponsoring countless international students and teacher exchanges. Her many years teaching at Martin Murphy brought her joy, and made better the lives and hearts of those she touched. She lived in many countries before moving to Morgan Hill and could speak 5 languages. After retirement, she devoted herself to her 6 grandchildren. Her love, laughter, wit, and narratives will be sorely missed. There will be a short memorial gathering at the Galeppi ranch on Genoa Lane at 9:30a.m. on August 4, 2012. Please bring your favorite memories and share them with her daughters and grand children. Any questions, please call Barbara at 775-782-2368.