Not all those running are on the ballot |

Not all those running are on the ballot

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The absentee ballot box is up at the Douglas County Clerk's Office in Minden on Monday.
Kurt Hildebrand |

Even as voters go to the polls there are almost as many elected officials whose names won’t appear on the November ballot.

Unopposed local nonpartisan nonjudicial candidates are considered elected without ever going to a vote.

There are four candidates for Genoa Town Board, but because that’s the number of open seats, Linda Birdwell, Timothy DeTurk, Patricka Eckman and Steve Shively will take their seats without a vote.

Gardnerville Town Board incumbents Lloyd Higuera and Mary Wenner will also retain their seats by acclamation, as will Douglas County Mosquito Abatement incumbents Irvine Phillips and Steve Wilcox, and Indian Hills General Improvement District Trustees Chris Johnson and Ronald Lynch.

There was also no election for the leadership of Douglas County’s largest community, the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Robert McDowell, David James and Leann M. Teter will make up a majority of the five-member district board on Jan. 1.

Unlike the last election, which saw a hotly contested race for Topaz Ranch Estates Improvement District trustee, incumbent members Gordon Gray and Larry Offenstein got a free ride.

Appearing on the ballot unopposed are Douglas County commission candidates Barry Penzel, Larry Walsh and David Nelson. Walsh and Nelson won their seats in the Republican primary.

Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis is running unopposed, as is District Court Judge Tom Gregory.

School board trustees Karen Chessel and Neal Freitas appeared on the June primary ballot.

Douglas County voter registration is up nearly 2,500 voters since May, with a substantial number of voters shifting from inactive to active status over the last five months.

Voter registration closed on Tuesday with 35,548 total voters in the county. That’s an increase of 2,469 voters since May.

Final voter registration numbers showed there are 29,576 active voters and 5,972 inactive voters in Douglas County. There are 1,549 fewer inactive voters on the rolls for the general election than there were before the primary.

Inactive voters are those the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office haven’t heard from or who didn’t vote in the last general election. They may cast a ballot this election, but aren’t counted toward turnout.

Of those 18,847 are Republicans and 8,514 are Democrats. There are 5,835 nonpartisan voters in the county.

Early voting started on Saturday and will continue through Nov. 4.