Not all candidates on all ballots |

Not all candidates on all ballots

Not everyone in Douglas County will get to vote on every candidate appearing on the primary ballot.

With Nevada’s closed primary, Republicans vote for Republicans and Democrats vote for Democrats.

And due to a change in state election law in 2015, that means when there are two Republicans vying for the same seat, the winner appears alone on the November ballot.

That will happen in three races in the primary this year, assessor, county commissioner District 2 and public administrator.

The only local race that will appear on all Douglas County residents’ ballots is the nonpartisan sheriff’s race.

While everyone running in the two county commission races is a Republican, according to the Douglas County Clerk’s Office not all the candidates have been Republicans the entire time.

District 2 challenger John Engels listed nonpartisan when he first registered to vote in Douglas County in 2015, according to records.

The retired chief financial officer said that he was a Republican in Northridge where he lived before he moved here, but quit the party shortly before he left. He changed his registration to Republican in 2016 in Douglas County.

His opponent, commission chairman Steve Thaler, has been registered to vote in Douglas County since 1985. He last changed his address on his registration in 2013.

District 4 county commission candidates Janet Murphy and Wes Rice have both been registered to vote in Douglas County since the early 1990s, according to the Clerk’s Office.

Rice has been a registered Republican since 1991, while Murphy registered nonpartisan in 1992. She ran as a nonpartisan against Republican Don Miner in 1998.

She registered as a Republican in 2005 and ran against Nancy McDermid in 2006. McDermid served 12 years and is term-limited this year.

Murphy also ran for the Assembly in 2010. Murphy said that she was a nonpartisan for so many years because she felt it was important to be able to connect with both sides of the aisle.

While commissioners must live in the districts they represent, they are elected at large.

Assessor candidate Dion Etchegoyhen has also been registered to vote in Douglas County since at least 1985, according to the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office. Opponent Trent Tholen has been registered in the county since 2000. A 1998 graduate of Douglas High School, it was only two years after he was eligible to vote.

Public Administrator candidate Debbie Logan registered to vote in Douglas County in 1990, while her opponent registered in 2002.