New tiger mascot is at CVMS |

New tiger mascot is at CVMS

by Leslie Pearson

A new tiger mascot has been created for Carson Valley Middle School. The man behind the mask is seventh grade student Matt Roberts.

Roberts, a quiet but active boy, wanted to help build school spirit, yet remain anonymous. After brainstorming with his mother, Gail, the two presented the idea of a school mascot to CVMS interim principal, Rita Elliott.

“Matt is a very energetic boy, but he is also shy,” said Elliott. “His mother thought he would enjoy being a mascot because the costume gives him some anonymity.”

The costume was not bought from a school supply catalog, but hand made by local seamstress, Susan McPartland. McPartland isn’t a professional seamstress, but a friend of Gail Roberts. Robert’s mother went to San Francisco to find the material and the pattern for the project.

The first fitting of the new costume left Robert’s a little too warm so a special collar fan was inserted to help keep Robert’s cool. The neck collar was Robert’s mother’s idea. The fan collar is inserted in the head of the costume and can lower the temperature in the suit up to 20 degrees.

“It was terrible,” said Elliott, “there were little beads of sweat running down his face. We weren’t even outside.

The new mascot at CVMS wasn’t just a project to help build school spirit, but an effort that involved a student’s family and friends.