Nevada’s oldest precinct splits between Buttigieg, Klobuchar: Your results may vary |

Nevada’s oldest precinct splits between Buttigieg, Klobuchar: Your results may vary

Caucus participants from Nevada's oldest precinct, Genoa, hold up their first preference cards on Saturday. Kurt Hildebrand photo

Nevada’s oldest precinct split its delegates on Saturday with two each for Mayor Pete Buttigieg and two for Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

But Genoa’s precinct was only one of five at the caucus center held at Jacks Valley Elementary and not the largest by a long shot.

About 100 people turned out on Saturday at the school, which served as a precinct center.

It was quite a difference from the turnout in 2016, due in part to early voting.

In the Genoa precinct, about two-dozen people turned out in person while there were 65 who voted early.

Indian Hills’ precinct 13 had a tie between Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders with three delegates each. Elizabeth Warren received two delegates.

Buttigieg and Sanders split one of the Sunridge precincts with two delegates to one.

Sanders tied with Klobuchar with three delegates each in Jacks Valley, while Buttigieg took two delegates.

Doors closed at the Jacks Valley caucus center promptly at noon, with two latecomers turned away at 12:03 p.m.

Sanders supporter Ben Adler hoped to “pickup” some extra delegates by decorating his pickup with Sanders slogans.

Observers from most of the major campaigns were at the Jacks Valley precinct.

In-person and early votes for the candidates were combined at the precinct level.

In Genoa, 14 supporters were required to qualify for a delegate. Sanders didn’t quite achieve enough support there to win a delegate.

Buttigieg won 11 delegates at the center, with Sanders coming in a close second with nine. Klobuchar had five and Warren and Steyer both brought in two.

Results were exceedingly preliminary and with eight other caucus locations in Douglas County may not even reflect the county’s preference.

Democrats also selected delegates to the county convention on Saturday.