Natural causes suspected in South Lake man’s death |

Natural causes suspected in South Lake man’s death

Staff Reports

The death of a middle-aged South Lake Tahoe man is under investigation after his body was found lying facedown next to Lindberg Avenue on Tuesday night.

According to police, the man likely died of natural causes. He was found by a teenager and his friends who were on their way to the store.

The teen said that as he was making a U-turn toward Lodi Avenue in South Lake Tahoe when the headlights illuminated the man’s body on the roadway edge.

They called 911. Police and medics arrived and attempted to revive the man, but were unsuccessful.

Officers discovered no obvious signs of trauma or any indication of criminal activity, according to police. A preliminary identification was made from the documents still on the victim’s person.

The victim’s wallet, still containing cash and credit cards, had not been taken. A vehicle nearby was identified as belonging to the victim. It had been parked and did not appear to have been involved in a collision. Preliminary investigation led officers to identify the victim as a resident of an apartment complex on Armstrong Avenue, a nearby street in the neighborhood. Neighbors had seen the victim within recent days, and described nothing unusual.

The man’s identity has not been released.