National Cathedral pilgrimage from Nevada planned |

National Cathedral pilgrimage from Nevada planned

Staff reports

Preliminary plans for a pilgrimage from Nevada to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. are under way.

The group to make the trip will celebrate Nevada State Day at the cathedral, March 17-19, 2000, according to Bonnie Sullivan, regional chair for Nevada for the National Cathedral Association.

According to Sullivan, the tradition of cathedral hospitality stems from the early days of Christianity when travelers and sojourners laid down their weary load at abbeys and cathedrals in anticipation of food and lodging.

“Pilgrimage is at the heart of every religious tradition and one of the rich treasures of the Christian experience,” she said.

With advance planning, Sullivan added, groups staying in Washington for more than one day can participate in other programs offered at the cathedral and have free time to enjoy the cathedral’s magnificent art and architecture and its music and gardens.

Sullivan said she plans to take about 30 people on the Nevada pilgrimage. She said she sees the tour as a way to encourage spirituality among adults and children.

For information about the pilgrimage, call Sullivan at 782-1266 or fax her at 782-1245.