Douglas County Historical Society obtains Haines barn door |

Douglas County Historical Society obtains Haines barn door

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Joe Campbell's name was signed on March 3, 1907.
Dougals County Historical Societ

The Douglas County Historical Society received the Haines barn door, which contains the initials and signatures of several boys who grew up in Genoa, for the new Agricultural Exhibit at the Carson Valley Museum.

“We are honored to have this historical artifact and thank Martin, Christine, Liliana and Stephanie Adamson for such a special donation,” said the museum’s Frank Dressel. “Many years ago, Martin worked as the ranch manager for the Simek Ranch and saved this historical treasure from ending up in the landfill.”

Anyone wishing to donate an artifact or help with a monetary donation should contact Cindy Rogers, Gail Allen, or Dressel at the museum, 782-2555 or email .

“These donations keep our local history alive and help us achieve our mission,” Dressel said. “The Douglas County Historical Society seeks to enrich lives by preserving local history and making it accessible to our communities and visitors.”

The new agricultural exhibit is under construction and could be open to the public by this summer.

The Haines barn door is from the barn built by Sen. James Haines. It bears the signatures of many – some families who stayed and settled Carson Valley, such as the Campbells and Fettics, as well as unknowns who continued on their journeys.

The barn itself is located north of Genoa and is being renovated by resident Tim Christy. The barn was built in 1898 by Haines and was previously owned by Ron Simek.