Mr. DHS tugs at audiences’ funny bones |

Mr. DHS tugs at audiences’ funny bones

Mr. Congeniality, Brandon Thielmann, Karen Lamb, and Mr. DHS Jordan Warren at the Mr. DHS pageant Friday at the CVIC Hall.
Sarah Drinkwine |

If you were a fortune cookie, what would your message be? Describe your perfect date in a series of events. If you were to work in a circus, what would your circus job be?

The 16 responses to the above questions and more had the audiences grabbing their sides with laughter during the 2017 Mr. Douglas High Pageant on Friday evening at the CVIC Hall.

Since its beginning in 2006, Mr. DHS has focused on the idea of having fun and promoting school spirit while being the Leadership Club’s largest fundraiser for Douglas High’s Safe and Sober Grad Night.

The 11th annual Mr. DHS was a sold-out show, according to Student Activities Director Karen Lamb.

“We had a great turnout. It’s great to see such a full house and to have the support from not just students and staff but from the community,“ she said. “We know it’s not cheap, but everything raised goes toward grad night, so we are very appreciative of the support.”

The evening was hosted by social studies teacher Keith Cole and math teacher Joe Andrews.

After a performance by DHS choreographers Cianna Gransberry aqnd Natasha Culpepper, the 16 contestants took to the stage.

Alisa Merino said she was in tears from laughter the entire show.

“It was so funny; tears were streaming down my face. The guys were witty with their performances,“ said Merino.

Merino was one of the seven judges for the evening. Other judges were English teacher Amanda Laca, Miss Nevada Bailey Gumm, Keith Lewis, DHS alumni Nick Lonnegren, social studies teacher Robby Stone, and music director Christine Blahnik. Score was kept by math teacher Christine Ensign.

The judges assessed each contestant’s skills, originality, confidence, creativity, personality, poise and stage presence throughout the evening.

The guys had to perform a talent, woo senior Sidney Miller during the swimsuit contest with their most clever pick-up line, then answer a series of questions in their best formal wear.

“They all did such a great job,” said Lamb. “There was a lot of comedy which left the audience amused.”

Before the overall winner was announced, Brandon Theilman was named Mr. Congeniality.

Mr. Congeniality is given to the contestant who has a gift for getting along with others. The recipient is warm, friendly and always looking out for his fellow contestants and is voted on by the contestants and event coordinators, said Lamb.

“I knew that if I loved and supported others, it would come back to me,” said Theilman. “It was amazing to be a part of this group of guys.”

Cue drum roll.

Jordan Warren was crowned the 2017 Mr. Douglas High.

“It feels great to be a part of these amazing lads,” he said. “I really love this Valley and I’m honored to have grown up and represent Mr. DHS and be a part of it.”