Mr. DHS dabbles in the decades |

Mr. DHS dabbles in the decades

by Sarah Hauck
The Mr. DHS contestants are, left to right from bottom: Jake Evans, Taryn Hansen, Jonah O' Connor, Chris Gold, River Jacoboni, Dylan Pfaffenberger, middle row: Koby Hinnant, Connor Billman, Eric Jacobs, Dalton Miller, Thomas Reed, top: Kaleb Morris, Griffin Frensdorf.
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Napolean Dynamite, a belly dancer and a clown walk onto the stage at CVIC Hall Friday night vying for the 2016 Mr. DHS title.

Thirteen seniors will compete in the 10th anniversary show that will take the audience through the decades.

“This is so much fun every year,” DHS Activities Director Karen Lamb said. “There are all different kids up there. There are not one kind of anything and that’s what makes this great.”

A decade ago Lamb was a leadership student helping then Leadership President Tori Madonick, with the first Mr. DHS.

This year’s performance has been something she called poetic.

“I have been doing this for nine years,” she said. “I am now working with my activities director’s little sister (Jordyn Voss) to put the 10th anniversary show together. The way this year has come together has been poetic.”

More than 100 competitiors have taken to the stage for Mr. DHS since it’s beginning.

Each year focusing on bringing a school together.

“When Leadership of 2007 sat down to discuss goals for our senior year, we decided promoting school spirit, and breaking the barriers of cliques were top priorities. Mr. DHS was initially created to simply have a fun, end of the year event,” Mr. DHS Creator Madonick said in a note to this year’s competitors. “Mr. DHS strengthened comradery of the senior class and created the typical high school cliques to almost become nonexistent.”

For a decade Mr. DHS has been the Leadership Club’s largest fundraiser for the Safe and Sober Grad Night.

This year each department of the school created raffle baskets that will also contribute to the cause.

“I know one of the baskets is a graduation party basket that has things like DJ services,” Lamb said. “It is so great to know that every department contributed to this. Every deparment contributed to grad night.”

The Seniors Event Committee also created a one-of-a-kind Class of 2016 quilt that will also be raffled off.

The raffles will only be the background to the air guitar playing, swing dancing performances of the seniors.

The seniors will compete in talent, swim suit and on-stage interviews trying to win over the panel of judges.

“You’ve always got to smile,” Griffin Frensdorff said was part of his winning combination. “You’ve got to appeal to their likes and just have fun.”

Strapping light strips to a black sweatshirt and pants, Griffin will do his best impression of a stick figure in the darkness of CVIC Hall, hoping to get some laughs and ohhs and ahhs.

For fellow competitor Tommy Reed playing the ukelele and channeling his inner Lukas Graham, a soul pop artist.

“Getting to showcase my love for playing ukelele is going to be fun,” Tommy said. “I am nervous about singing in front of a large crowd though, because I am not a good singer.”

Tommy said that competing in Mr. DHS was more about having fun with his friends than taking home the title.

“As much I’d like to win, I am doing this to have fun,” he said.

Griffin agreed that being able to dance and have a good time with his friends is why he chose to compete in Mr. DHS.

“This is going to have a great time with friends,” he said. “This is something we are always going to remember. I’m looking forward to how dumb we’re all going to look up on stage acting like this and how fun that is going to be for everyone.”

“Walk this Way,” “Can’t Touch This,” and “Milkshakes” will blare through the speakers for the opening dance number starting at 6:30 p.m. with doors opening at 6 p.m. today at the CVIC Hall in Minden.

For more information or to donate to Safe and Sober Grad Night call Lamb at 782-5136.