Mr. DHS creates friendships |

Mr. DHS creates friendships

Darryl Navarte is crowned Mr. DHS 2018 Friday night at the CVIC Hall in Minden.
Brad Coman

More than a decade ago Douglas High School’s Leadership Club created Mr. DHS as a way to promote school spirit and break the barriers of cliques.

During the 12th annual contest, contestants remain true to that promotion.

“I don’t think of it as an award, I think of it as something to reflect on, a memory I will keep forever and admire as a fun time,” said contestant Philip Lopez. “We all agreed that doing this one thing brought us all together and we’ll keep in touch.”

Lopez was crowned 2018 Mr. Congeniality at Friday’s Mr. DHS pageant at the CVIC Hall in Minden while the Mr. DHS title went to Darryl Narvarte.

Leadership teacher Karen Lamb participated in creating the first Mr. DHS in 2007. She said Mr. DHS focuses on the idea of having fun and promoting school spirit while being the Leadership Club’s largest fundraiser for the school’s Safe and Sober Grad Night.

“I always love it,” said Lamb. “It’s such a diverse group of boys and they have a lot of fun and become friends.”

Hosted by social studies teacher Keith Cole and mathematics teacher Joe Andrews the 2018 Mr. DHS brought talents ranging in dog training, juggling, cooking shows and musical performances including beat boxing.

Like most pageants contests, contestants perform a talent, answer on-stage questions in their best formal wear and conduct a swimsuit contest while coming up with their best pick up line.

They are assessed by a team of judges based on skills, originality, confidence, creativity, personality, poise and stage presence throughout the evening.

“They’re painfully funny,” said DHS Principal Joe Girdner. “I really liked the juggling performance. We’re proud of the judges for giving up their phones and the beat boxing was great too. I think the real star of the show though was Range’s dog during the dog training.”

Senior and Leadership student Lily Anderson said she enjoyed the different talents and personalities throughout the show.

“It’s interesting; more different talents and personalities are joining, it’s different from what I’ve seen in the past,” said Anderson. “I really like seeing the talents because they could basically do what they wanted as long as it was appropriate and a lot of them were really funny and interesting.”

Diane Dunkelman, mother of contestant Sean Dunkelman said she was happy to see the boys step outside of their comfort zones and have fun.

“They all have done a great job,” she said. “You never see them in this element. There’s athletes, drama kids, it’s nice to see them do something different and step out of their box.”

The contestants agreed the preparation for the pageant and the night of was a fun experience they will never forget, especially as senior year draws to a close, but the best of all was the friendships they created.

“The important part is I spent time with people I normally wouldn’t” said Narvarte. “This crown is going to be here no matter what, but the friendships we made (are) going to be there forever.”

Lamb said proceeds will fund the 2018 senior grad night. She wanted to provide a special thanks to the following sponsors and judges of the contest.


Town of Minden

Cloria Gero & Gourment Sewing Company

The DHS Senior Events Committee

Kelly Winter & Kerry Stack

Team Sports Ink

Alejandro Sosa

Accoldaes Trophies and Engraving

The Record Courier

DHS staff & administration

Steve Gustafson

Cheoregraphers: Marissa Flanders, Kaelynn Throll and Beki Swearingen

All contestants and their families and the audience for supporting Grad Night 2018 and DHS Leadership.


Jake Wartgow- Mr DHS alumni and DST Coffee, owner

Montanna Hammond- DHS mathematics teacher and Dance team coach

Amanda Laca- DHS English teacher and dance team coach

Maci Tuell -Miss Lake Tahoe

Tom Morgan- DHS assistant principal and gold star yelp reviewer

Stormy Herald- DHS Social studies teacher and football coach

Roxanne Young- DHS Secretary

Mena Demon- DHS alumni & english/social studies teacher.